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    These signs are designed to be self-supporting and are typically installed in outdoor locations such as sidewalks, parking lots, or other areas where they can attract attention and provide information to pedestrians or motorists.

    Some common types of freestanding signs include:

    Pylon Signs: These are tall, vertical signs typically found along roadways or in front of shopping centers.

    Monument Signs: These signs are low to the ground and are usually made of durable materials such as stone, brick, or concrete. Monument signs are commonly used to display the name or logo of a business or to mark the entrance of a residential community or office park.

    Post & Panel Signs: A cost-effective and impactful choice, these signs attract potential customers to your business. Offering standalone visibility, they effectively communicate your message, generating interest in your services and products.


    CHANNEL LETTERS: Three dimensional. These signs are constructed using individual letters or characters that are typically made of metal or plastic and are illuminated from within. There are many mounting methods for this style of letters.


    SIGN CABINETS & PAN SIGNS: Also known as lightbox signs or illuminated sign boxes, are a type of signage that combines a sturdy cabinet structure with internal lighting to create a highly visible and illuminated display. These signs are commonly used for outdoor advertising, business identification, and branding purposes.


    • Interior Office Signage

    • Wayfinding/ADA Signage

    • Wall & Floor Signs

    • Tenant Signage

    • Banners

    • Aluminum Pan Signs

    • Vinyl Signs

    • 3D Signs

    • Architectural Signs


    Vehicle graphics involve applying vinyl graphics or images onto vehicles to enhance their appearance, promote brands, convey messages, or provide identification. Vehicle graphics are a popular form of mobile advertising and are used by businesses, organizations, and individuals to make their vehicles stand out and attract attention.

    Vehicle magnets, also known as magnetic vehicle signs or car magnets, are temporary signage solutions that can be easily attached and removed from the exterior of vehicles. They are made of a flexible magnetic material with a printed design or text on the front surface.


    Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), also known as LED message boards, digital displays, or electronic signs, are dynamic signage solutions that use LED technology to display text, images, animations, or videos. These signs are capable of changing and updating their content in real-time, allowing businesses and organizations to deliver dynamic and engaging messages to their target audience.


    Maximize your brand visibility with your billboard advertising solutions. Capture the attention of a broad audience and make a memorable impact with our strategically placed billboards. We offer numerous illuminated billboards, ranging in size from 12’W x 8’H to 40’W x 10’H located throughout Edwardsville and Madison County. Click here to view a map of our billboard locations.

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